Selfpost – Thank you!


There’s a whole 15 of you now and you’re all wonderful, I want to warp into a many lipped abomination and kiss all your faces. Remember that you can find more actual news about junk on my Facebook page rather than just the prosey shreds.
Thanks guys!!!


The Lion Dream


As he slept, images of wild grinning cats with fiery manes prowled his head. They were in an open plain with nothing nearby, moving stiffly and they knocked off his son’s crown and bit off his arm, crying inky crocodile tears.
Of course, it was just a dream; King Ograf would never consider of going far out into the beast-infested plains that lay around the city, let alone allow his son to come with him. Besides, the young prince was an idiot, was just as likely to be eaten by guinea pigs if allowed to go out to a pet shop unaccompanied by an entourage. Continue reading

The Wolf in Sheep’s Lodging


A family of wolves had been living in a small den on the outskirts of the town. The den itself was squalid and crumbling, and with every vague movement of a paw or a tail, great clumps of earth would fall from the ceiling, and the roots of the big trees above would have more room to grow and invade what little space there was. The five square feet of dry soil was definitely no place for a large family of fierce predators; the father, mother and their litter of seven tiny blind cubs. As the mother lay on her side to feed them, her gaunt ribs were visible as the thin patchy fur stretched over them. Continue reading